Specializing in Daily Copy and
Expedited Transcripts
of Trials and Depositions

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Participating Member of:
National Court Reporters Association
Washington Court Reporters Association

    As your transcript production partners Ascopist4U pledges...

  • To meet the highest standards of the court reporting community and to observe the NCRA Code of Ethics in working relationships with those who use the scoping services of Ascopist4U.

  • Strict maintenance of the confidentiality of each client, their work product and documents.

  • Adherence to all requested turnaround deadlines for the completion and return of the final work product.

  • Application of each court reporter's production preferences and requests so that the final work product will meet their individual criteria in format, punctuation and readability.

  • The maintenance and upgrading of all equipment, hardware and software to current professional standards.

  • To constantly strive for a long-term working relationship with the clients of Ascopist4U.

    The goal of Ascopist4U is to provide a professional service to you that will free your time for activities of your choice.


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